Burberry Sunglasses – If You Have It, Flaunt It

Do you have a liking for designer sunglasses? Want to know which are the most famous brands in market? Have a look at one of the oldest and famous brand of sunglasses.

Burberry was founded by a man who was draper’s apprentice. He began with by opening two stores in Hampshire and Basingstoke. It all began in 1856 and by 1870 the business worked well and later on with invention of water resistant fabric became famous all around the world. It became so popular around the world that people started calling it as Burberry of England due to which its name was changed from Burberry to Burberrys. The brand is still known as a fine and classic English style. The company started with manufacturing clothes and fashion accessories and today also launched into making fragrance and sunglasses.

The company took a lot effort to promote the brand through its advertising campaign. They associated some top British celebrities like Emma Watson, Singer George Craig and model Lily Donaldson. The reach out to common people they also published themselves in Vogue, Talter and Harpers Bizarre. Elegance, style and astonishing features are the hallmarks of the brand. The company has particularly targeted people in the age group of 25. Both men and women use sunglasses. They have used this fact to their advantage. Because of this they have maintained their status in market for a long period of time.

One the new product that is gaining popularity in fashion world is chic sunglasses. Burberrys have actually revolutionized the designs of sunglasses. The company was the first who launched oversized sunglasses, which have become a style statement of the feminine world. The shades are quite distinctive and still going strong with incessant demand.

The oversized sunglasses come with squarer and wider frames which covers the most part of the face. They display minimalist and feminine glamour. These have become immensely popular among girls. Along with the traditional versatile colors of black, brown and gray they have also included white to start a new tend trend of lighter color tones. As a result of this it has become the most selling brand in the market compared to others. Many say that these glasses are owned generally by the wealthy people.

The Haymarket check design which the company has registered as its trademark is also included in this collection. They have included it on the arms of the sunglasses, giving a unique identity of Burberry. The brand has made its presence felt in the market among the customers. They are available in all types of materials like metal or plastic.

Don’t bother about going out and search for this brand. The internet has brought this brand at your doorsteps. Just visit the online stores and choose from a wide range of designs. You can also avail discounts on special and latest designs. So hurry, if you want sunglasses which can be worn on all occasions then Burberry is the right choice for you.